Dust Driving to Sesfontein 1 May 2021

  • Barry 

After leaving Hoanib valley lodge we headed up stream looking for game – we heard Lion roar the night before – but alas in the morning drive out of the valley we only came across tracks.

The terrain is a mix of bushy river valley , steep gorges, sand dunes and fine dust

We did experience a mini bush traffic jam on the single track which was an interesting and short interaction

Being the last in a four vehicle convoy means holding back in this type of terrain- especially with reduced visibility.

Thought it worth sharing our dash cam view as we came round a blind corner – called this first clip “The Waltz – finding the right track”

Called the next clip “The Wait & Approach”


After exiting the hoanib the flat road led us to Sesfontein where we stopped for a break and a drink

Fort Sesfontein, was built in 1896 as a police outpost by Schutztruppe soldiers of Imperial Germany. It was abandoned in 1914 and fell into disrepair soon thereafter. The fort was reconstructed in the 1990s and is now equipped to accommodate tourists.

There is a major need at Fort Sesfontein for customer service training and some daily maintenance. The swimming pool was green the rooms dirty many spiderwebs. The best maintained area was the graveyard where four fallen German police/soldiers remains have been buried

The palm trees at the fort were planted by the German police officers who manned the fort to combat weapons smuggling and elephant and rhino poaching.

Another negative of Sesfontein are the young street kids begging aggressively at the gates to Fort Sesfontein – there is a lot of anger

After Sesfontein we refuelled at Palmweg (another very poor area with aggressive beggars around.

Along the road to Hoada – a beautifully dressed Herero Lady was walking to her village – so we sneaked a pic from the car – she also gracefully waved

We then camped at Hoada Camp – what a delightful campsite




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