Getting to Livingstone 5 May 2021

  • Barry 

After visiting the ATM in Sesheke we had Kwachas in the pocket as not many places take credit cards and we started on the road from Sesheke to Livingstone – the first 5kms were not bad and then we were stopped at a police block which  had one objective: to see if we had paid the Road toll – yes of course we had (when we entered Zambia) – Pity they have not invested any of the road toll fees in maintaining this stretch of road between Sesheke to Kazangula – The progress on this stretch of road (133km) is very slow it took us over 5 hours. From Kazangula the road is good (60 km) took just under an hour – lots of trucks

so on the stretch between Sesheke & Kazangula there are many potholes and broken edges

and also cattle plus potholes and broken edges

and pedestrians and potholes and broken edges

and vehicles coming in the opposite direction doing a strange dance – almost like “the pothole waltz”

the road on the sides is often quicker – this is competed for with donkey carts and other slower vehicles

and then there are the vehicles that have broken axles or burst tyres


along the way there were also many villages

and we passed the entrance to the well known Shackeltons ( which is famous for Tiger fishing and birdlife

we eventually made it to Livingstone to the Maramba River Lodge – wonderful – just like coming home

a quick unpack and we settled in to our new home from home

that night was a braai – why not



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