Tunza Lodge 12 June 2021

  • Barry 

So we left Mwanza Yacht Club which does look great

The views across the bay are good

The drive from Mwanza Yacht club was seamless – it was 10km and took just over 30 mins

We decided to double check Garmin with Google and both gave consistent directions – fortunately it was still light.  On arriving at Tunza Lodge there was hardly any room to park – so we parked quite far from the main entrance and were welcomed by Masaai security guards.

The Masaai directed us to park right in front of their main entrance. the music inside was loud and the beach and beach bar and seating paces were very full – with the young elite of Mwanza. Lots of young children and trendy folk

Tunza Lodge  is unique in this area as it has an all natural white-sandy beach on the shores of Lake Victoria.

This pic below is inside the Lodge security area looking back at the entrance and ablution block and in the bright distance is Lake Victoria.

.We were guided through the strictly controlled entrance and the manager summoned – It was clarified that it being a saturday the disco and music will continue till 8pm.

This is the view of the beach from behind the disco set up & stage


We sat in the restaurant and decided to wait till we could bring the vehicle into the premises and camp on the beach. WE were then welcome to use the showers and toilets that were being used by those frollicking in the waters of Lake Victoria. The rains have been plentiful and lake Victoria was unnaturally high so there was not much beach.

Another option was to take a room with its own shower. After having the late lunch/ early supper and a exotic green cocktail for Jules and G&T for Barry we decided on a cottage.

Our cottage was in the back quieter end of a beautiful lush garden with a view on Lake Victoria. There were a lot of bird species in the garden and fish eagle could be be heard.

This of course required us to walk through the folk who were relaxing and partying with our goods – our cottage on the left

This is a close up view of one of the other cottages

there are many lifelike statues of animals in a lot of places in Tanzania. Tunza Lodge had concrete giraffes & zebras

The manager asked about our plans the next day (Sunday 13 June) and we shared our plans to pick up some local fresh food supplies and then drive to the northern gate of Serengeti (Ndabaka Gate). He asked if we were aware that the president would be coming from the airport early in the morning to visit downtown Mwanza. Oh Dear..

so we changed our plans and decided that we would have an early night and get up 5am and escape Mwanza before all the roads were blocked as our route out was directly on the same path between the airport and downtown Mwanza – which is what we did.

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