Mwanza to Serengeti 13 June 2021

  • Barry 

We woke up at 5am and packed very efficiently were on the road as planned at 6am.

The Masaai security were wonderful – a very impressive tribe – they made sure everything was in order and saluted us on our way.

The roads were fortunately clear.

Time stamp from Garmin Dashcam = 6 04am

We stopped for fuel on the outskirts of Mwanza at a fuel station that said they take Visa card but that is only when the internet connection is working ?? So we paid cash again – Diesel fuel is TZS 2 223 per litre of diesel in Mwanza (far inland) and TZS 2137 in Arusha (between R14.80 to R14.25 per litre) the AAprices for South Africa are R15.08 and R14.47). This is normal high sulphur diesel – we have not been able to find LSD (Low Sulphur Diesel) in Tanzania.

Our path took us around the south end of Lake Victoria and then up the east coast of the lake

For a while we were driving directly into the rising sun – this is an image from the dashcam

Heading East – Between Mwanza & Mgu

The subsistence farming alongside the lake is clearly influenced by the availability of water and ability to flood irrigate

the farming looks organised and diverse

unfortunately the collison of man and nature is evident and even though Tanzania is not badly poluted with plastic bags there are rubbis dumps that need better management – clearly this undertaker bird /marabou stork thought it could pick up a titbit of two

the locals were still carrying parcels & water for miles to their homes from central points


We stopped for a late breakfast/brunch along the road next to a small dam and bought some rolls from a vendor who was cycling past

and then before we knew it we headed into Ndabaka Gate

KARIBU in Swahili means WELCOME


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