Burguette to ZUBIRI-1Sep 2022

  • Barry 

6am our alarm went off – what a comfortable room and most wonderful stay at CASA bugara in Burguette – this is just 3 km past the popular stop of Roncesvalles- we had a great menu del día last night and were ready to take on the day. but oops we missed the message that the 12 arrows in the road were saying to us to turn right – the buildings of Burguette are just so quaint and beautiful – not the only only reason – we also thought that locals were trying to trick us to cash money at the Santander bank ATM – Saffies???

Any way by the time we realized we were going the wrong way – because there were no more Camino signs we were in a field next to these hauntingly beautiful horses

Horses -Early morning in Burguette

We soon were back on track and crossed the bridge off the tar road into the beautiful countryside

Jules taking the step in faith across the bridge
Jules & sunrise over Burguette

It was a great day some climbs and many downhills to Zubiri

Jules keeping her feet dry and her nerves aligned
Rio Arga bridge, Zubiri

We were delighted to find two beds – top & bottom bunk, available at the municipal Albergue

Zubiri Municipal Albergue

This Albergue is modern, clean, well run and a delight – showers hot and great facilities. The town of Zubiri is small but has two “supermercados” and at least two great restaurants

We caught up with many of the folk who we first met at Orisson that are fast becoming our Camino family


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