Zubiri to Pamplona 2 Sep 2022

  • Barry 

A small village that keeps moving – someone described the Camino this way – and it is quite accurate.

Delightful day again – tired at the end of the 21 Km

We left early

Jules & Jack leaving Zubiri

Zubiri has a large magnesium processing plant just outside the town – MAGNA – producing various magnesium oxides mainly for agricultural uses – we walked past it and it looks neat as big plants go

The following are some of the things we passed along the way

Neatly rolled cattle feed
A mini pilgrim shrine
A Lion embossed storage container
Altar wall in Iglesia de San Sebastián

Iglesia de San Sebastián is an interesting experience lovely care has been taken here – it is worth the visit and quiet contemplation and climbing the tower to ring the bell

Ringing the bell

The walk through Pamplona’s suburbs is longer than expected

Crossing the bridge into the old Pamplona

We eventually found the Albergue de Peregrino iglesia Jesus y Maria

Thank goodness for GPS

112 beds – very well organized in the church

And then did washing of sweaty bodies and clothes had food, bought SIM card and even some time to explore a small section of Pamplona

Multi flavored flower ice cream

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