Rest Day Estella – 6 Aug 2022

  • Barry 

Today we are taking a rest day in Estella – it is a bitter sweet decision as friends that we have made are moving on. We all have different time schedules for different reasons. Hopefully when the time is right we will meet again.

On the way back from walking the first two km with Jack, Peter, Bob we stopped in a local cafe for a loo break and coffee and then we met Adriano Juaniz…more about him below

Adriano Juaniz looking north – the way of the pilgrims

This monument has been erected in memory of Adriano Juaniz who was devoted to singing prayers in the town – like a town crier.
Pieces of the history and traditions of Estella-Lizarra have been carved in this monument such as:the concession of the Fuero (privileges), Estella and the Carlists, the apparition of the Virgin of Puy,
the bulls in the festivals and the craftmanship during the Middle Ages.
The monument was erected in 1985 is based upon a design by the artist Angel Elvira.

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