Los Arcos to Viana – 8 Aug 2022

  • Barry 

Yet another early start – this time we found a bakery open at 6.30am – PANADERIAS

1st customers in Panderias

We were heading west and the view looking back to the east and rising sun provided some magical sights – too often we miss the magic of transformation…

Leaving Los Arcos looking back east

The walk was good – did 18.5k – along way stopped at both Sansol & Torres del Río – Torres del Río is a better stop

Hostal San Andres – a nice hostal

Just round the corner from hostal San Andres is the church – Iglesia de santo sepulcro – According to some historians, this could have been the work of the Knights Templar – the design is the same as the one we saw (from the outside of the one in Eunate and both are replicas of the temple of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, with adaptations of Islamic knowledge to the Christian way of building. It is dated to 1160-1170. we could not enter as it was locked and we weren’t willing to wait the 10-15 mins for someone to come open – we will know for next time to call the caretaker before having a tea break.

Iglesia de Santo Sepulcro, Viana

As an aside (for those like me who were not clear …) – The Knights Templar were started to provide secure passage for pilgrims en route to & from the holy land (Jerusalem) – they were feared and skilled fighters who also became rich and powerful. Over time their power corrupted the order and they became like a band of thieves & thugs – they were disbanded – it is rumored that they went underground – who knows??

Along the road out of town we encountered a shepherd with about 50 sheep that were enjoying the new berries growing on the side of the road.

Berry eating sheep

Also on the way we witnessed, this time from a distance, another farmer harvesting grapes in a combine harvester

Grape harvesting

We also came across a tree where momentos are left for departed loved ones – we left one for Lee

A bangle remembering Lee
Remembrance tree

Also some rock stacks dedicated to loved ones

Rock stacks

A stop along the way – doing the secret signal

Then we got to Viana – an interesting town

Yay Viana
Sunset across Viana

And our Alberque room

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