Viana to Navarette – Fri 9 Sep

  • Barry 

A hard day – as I write this I am in bed in a hot room lying in bed with feet feeling still warm from the days walking – particularly the last 5 km which was on tarmac and largely uphill

The day started well – left Viana at 7.15 after getting café con leche for Jules and Monette.

Once again the view of the city outline as we looked back was beautiful

Viana from the west – early morning

Not far out of town we walked by a lovely park and church with an interesting wall mural

Mural – telling many stories

We stopped a few kilometers above Logrono alongside the road to rest and took this pic of the three of us – who met at the airport in Biarritz

Monette wanted to explore Logroño and we wanted to move on to Navarette – so we will travel separately for a while until we connect again – who knows where & when – Buen Camino Monette

Logroño is in the region of La Rioja – we were previously in the Navarra region. The Camino symbols in this region show a different unique design

Camino Angel on a wall
Footpath direction
Camino Angel on an obelisk
Street sign with two Camino Angels

Logroño has a lot of good street art – like .,.

Young girl with sunnies

The following are some pics in Logroño of the main church and knightly statues

After leaving Logroño city the Camino goes through a big park and then crosses some roads via subways – there are some really great murals – like …

A wise man
Some clever graffiti- shadows of the Camino
The Horse

After leaving Logroño park you get to a nature reserve type area called Alto de la Grajera which is an area that contains a big dam that supplies water for agriculture that was built in 1883. It has trails for running walking biking and also a large wetland that support many birds.

Small red squirrel cavorting in the forest bed

The climb is hot and tedious and not much beauty but it does have a large bull watching over the area

The bull
The bull in the distance
A peregrina

It was good to get two beds in Alberque Peregrina and wash off the road in the shower.

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