Navarette to Azofra – Sat 10 Sep 2022

  • Barry 

It was a pleasant walk today – what a lovely image of Navarette – Jules reminds us every day to look where we came from – what a great analogy to life…

after leaving Navarette looking west, we were welcomed by a very full moon. This was the first time we have seen the moon on this trip.

The full moon

The full moon has many important impacts on the world and it’s people especially each individual – there are many meanings … one that is landing for me is it is a full reflection of the suns power and can be seen as transformational to the light or dark side – it is also seen as more feminine energy than male – it is worth contemplating what transformation is wanting to manifest .. what is the Camino wanting the help manifest in terms of transformation?

Full moon hiding behind buildings but very present

After 6km it was time to stop and we encountered a decision point – the longer alternative route or the straight path? We elected to walk the extra optional route up to Ventosa (what is an extra 1.4km on 22km any way) – Ventosa reminds one of Riebeek kasteel in the Western Cape – an eclectic community with a love of art and food

This was the invitation sign – to respect those who loved us and went before us

The next poster about 50 meters further was this …

Young boy in field looking at the mountains

Then this touching pic of cherished memories

The pathway out of ventosa has an intriguing display of an avenue of different heads and headgear…

The wine industry in La Rioja region is currently in full swing on the Camino with farmers and pickers working the fields and gathering the bountiful harvests

A gathered harvest

The heat from 11am is intense – below is Peter displaying the latest in vogue for peregrinas – heat reflect sun umbrella

Peter avoiding the sun

Nájera is a big city with a rich history – we passed through relatively quickly so didn’t explore much.

Jules has a great photographers eye and the great pics in this blog come from that eye. Jukes also has an insatiable appetite for small details of intriguing sights – for instance collecting pics of doors, graffiti and signs. Below are some signs from today …

On the corner of a pavement
In the road
On the pavement

After Nájera there is a lively climb out of the valley into farmland – mainly vineyards but some maize and veggies

Getting in to the Alberque in Azofra was a treat – below is a pic of locals gathering in the square for evening drinks/ food after the day has cooled down

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