Azofra to Granon – Sun 11 Sep

The highlight of today was climbing the bell tower in Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The base of the tower is a clock museum. which has many displays

Half way up the tower the actual clock mechanism is visible – it looks just like many of the museum pieces – you see the ropes for the weight mechanisms ( big rocks) handing through the floor

Operating clock mechanism

The top of the tower provides a great 360 panoramic view of the surrounding area

Bells in the tower
The westerly direction – where are heading

There are also many bells at the top of the tower – each with their own name plate and description

Esquila Grande

This is a close up of a name plate

Name plate example

The scenery was similar to the previous days

The moon
the sunrise
The long road ahead
Pilgrim Displays
Pilgrims ahead and behind

1 thought on “Azofra to Granon – Sun 11 Sep”

  1. Great pics of the way…. And some interesting church bell tower history. In my experience – bell ringers and bell towers are most fascinating people and places – unique and very attached to their remarkable art of bell ringing!
    Been good to see the pics and get into following your journey…. The pics of the day, the sun rising and setting and the moon are a wonderful parable of the nature of your present life as daily pilgrims!

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