Granon to Tosantos – Mon 12 Sept 2022

This great day is being somewhat marred by a blister that has blown up on the end of my right big toe – it’s difficult to place a compeed in this position – so I will try a different sock configuration for tomorrow. Jules has a blister on her left heel – the compeed heel plaster seems to be holding there

Big highlight for today is Belorado and the street art – truly magnificent – the theme is honouring the women in the town

Learning from the elder

The above image is the most striking – if you look carefully you will see Barry standing between the buildings – it gives perspective on the magnitude of these paintings on the side of the building

These paintings are as the Camino leaves Belorado and once again emphasizes the importance of awareness of the environment and slowing down and looking back – this is only visible as you leave the town.

Below is one of the images that welcomes you into the town – the young pilgrim viewing the stars in a quest to find their truth

Camino on a corner wall

In another wall art offering of Winnie the Pooh says to piglet in his best Spanish : “si algun no estamos junto quieros que recuerdes siempre que eres mas valiente quiero que crees mas puerte de lo que pareces y mas listo de la que piensas”

If some of us are not together, I want you to always remember that you are braver, I want you to believe that you are stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

The other images and motives of the days steps include…Fabio (from Venice) helping to locate the lost parcel

We were pleased to arrive at the Albergue Aronces run by a hard working couple

Albergue Aronces reception

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  1. I check every morning to see your updates and visit PolarSteps to see wheee you are – great pics and commentary!

    Hopefully you can both get those blisters under control …..

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