Tosantos to Atapeuerca – Tues 13 Sept

  • Barry 

The blisters with the compeed plasters seem to have held their integrity and not increased in numbers – looking forward to the rest day in Burgos

The early morning walks are really beautiful

Church tower Vilambistia

Along the way to Alta de la Pedraja at a rest stop we met our first South African on the Camino – Annie is also from our part of Cape Town (The Deep South) She recognized our accents ?

Three Saffies

The big challenge of the day was the trundle over Alta de la Pedraja

A memorial on top reminds of the tough history and fascist impact on the leadership of Spain in the Spanish civil war 1936 to 1939 –
The monument is dedicated to a group of 300 men from Burgos whose bodies were dumped here after their execution during the Civil War.

It is worth reading up on the Spanish civil war –

On the way down a local artist has set up seats and sells cool drinks snacks coffee etc

Pop up art
Pop up shop
Old worship shrine

Some other pics from the day

Single span bridge crossing
Hat retrieval from brambles
Approaching Storm
Sunflowers & Atapeuerca church
Hostel for tonight

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