Atapuerca to Burgos

Just one big push up the hill then downhill all the way to Burgos but be careful of not getting lost in forest or factory’s in getting to the right route.

These instructions come from all & sundry – we were cautious, present to the moment, followed the right signs, used apps for guidance when needed and it all came together and we conquered yet another day. We did not just follow others we chose our own path which was different to others at times – real reminder of the road less travelled …more about the road less travelled later

We left our Atapuerca hostel second last but still early (before 7am) – these are some pics of Alberque la plaza verde.

Reception Area

This is an interesting Albergue. It is owned by someone who cares for property and pilgrims.
Owner is also an artist with wood – quite unique. They also have a small shop with
some non perishable food supplies.

Pilgrim entrance and outside area

Their kitchen upstairs is basic and equipped.

A functional kitchen and eating area

Looking around at the decorations shows the love of the owner of the place and their woodworking skills.

An Art corner
Interesting Art piece – roots grown around rocks

The uniqueness extends to the key code that is provided on lovingly made of circles of wood with a piece of leather tied through a hole. (Regret not taking a pic)

This place is charming with curtained bunks (18 beds total), that have private little lights and outlets. They seem to be expanding and making more sleeping areas.

Sleeping area

The beds are like in a ship cabin area with own light and usb power ports

Each bed has its own light and USB ports

We would stay here again.

The climb was steep but not difficult – the crest held some welcome surprises

A symbol of forgiveness
A subtle direction sign – unseen by many – only visible from a unique position
Some Jacobean observations

An attempt at google translation and then some poetic licence reveals the following: “After the pilgrims conquered the mountains of Navarra in Burguette – they witnessed the fields of Spain and have not enjoyed a more beautiful sight than this”

A Spanish Field
What pilgrims think about

The walk into Burgos was somewhat marred by too much tar walking between Vilaval and the fork to Vilafria or Castañares – about 5km. We followed the route to Castaneres as we were once more in rough paths and countryside – we also found the river route through to Burgos and our accommodation for two nights and a welcome much needed rest day – these are some images from along the river route…

Pilgrim encouragement at start of river route
Tree of life, direction and importance of sense of humour
Rio Arlonzon
River is clean and supporting much wild life
River runs through Burgos and is a real feature of the town

The following is some artwork along the way..

First Aid services
Sidewalk kiosk
Public Toilets
On the bridge concrete support structures
Old bridge view from under a new bridge
Pathways under bridges
Looking at beach made from River eddy’s created during flooding
Pathway – gentle underfoot – avoiding tarmac as much as possible
Helping lost pilgrims

In the afternoon – we caught a bus into town (3.5km) – we had walked enough and went to solo runner to replace Julie’s faithful worn out saucony trail shoes. By the way proper masks are required to get on a bus

New shoes

After the shoes we had a catch up supper with Camino family from Australia – Bob, Peter, Margaret

Supper reunion with pilgrim family

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