Burgos 13 Sep 2022

The day was spent in resting mode but we did not really rest.

We caught the bus into centre of town to change Julie’s new shoes to a wider shoe as her toe on right foot (damaged whilst skiing) was being impacted – this only became apparent after wearing the new shoes last night for 2 hours – so the new shoes with a wide toe area were purchased for an additional €6.

New shoes

After a day of walking around Burgos Jules found the tongue of the shoe to be cutting in to her foot – so we have trimmed this – a clear design fault – we will carry the old shoes just in case the new ones blow

These pics are mainly done by Jules who, in spite of feeling poorly (scratchy throat and tired) , maintained her enthusiastic gathering of images of the intriguing wonders of Burgos.

The sights around Burgos are steeped in history … below are some of them …it would take at least a week to do justice to Burgos


Old couple on bench observing Burgos life
Street buskers
Lady in the rain
An exhausted pilgrim in front of the cathedral
Lady street vendor cooking
Up the stairs to the Catedral de Santa Maria

Inside the cathedral it is a huge display of church relics, chapels and history – Jules kept herself entertained and interested by finding the weird little statues/ items such as…

Uniquely carved choir seats
Playful cherub
Cherub #1
cherub #2
Pilgrim Angel
old Maltese Cross

Then some windows.,

Then some roof images…

2 thoughts on “Burgos 13 Sep 2022”

  1. Great cathedral shots! So ornate and extravagant! Done in a time when the world moved slower and there was great pride and artistry.
    Amazing the reach (and wealth) of the Catholic Church ….

  2. Sorry to hear of the blisters and scratchy throat…. All part of the pilgrimage I suspect – yes? – for which you’re prepared…. Though it’s always tough when it happens…. (We got caught in a huge storm the other day in the Himalayas and while being wet wasn’t so bad…. we hadn’t prepared ourselves for the onslaught of leeches that came out of nowhere! Terrible little buggers – putting our commitment to the Buddhist principle of ‘non-violence’ very much to the test! I’d put blisters in the same category as leeches – real buggers! )
    But if the pics are anything to go by – your spirits are high and buoyed by the wonder of your adventures…. Really nice to see and follow.
    Take care… Hugs from Jax too – from Pokhara, Nepal xx

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