Burgos to Tardajos – Fri 16 Sept

Today was a short day of walking officially 11km but because we had walked to our accommodation on the outside of town we only did 8.8km.

Staying in a great Alberque/ hostal

La Casa de Beli (Beli’s House)

We were well looked after by our Camino Angels today – first challenge was as we left our room – where do we deposit the key ? No sooner said when the manager appeared at the lift door – him coming up – we gave him the key and said adios – went down the lift – which saved the knees down the stairs with the heavy packs on

Second angelic help was while we were walking on the correct road but on opposite side to the route – going in the right direction – Barry starts feeling a touch nauseous due to walking without any food or fruit in the stomach engine room – and there is the university campus canteen that is open to the public. The food, service, facilities, price and whole environment were just top class.

The lady serving the food was charming and showed appreciation for the small tip in giving us both ribbons from the university for the Camino

They had a ultraviolet (UV) light air freshener system that was quite unique ( for sterilizing air) I hadn’t come across this for air before – have previously used the same principle for water purification

UV air sterilizer
UV technology

The walking was easy as we were largely following the River Arlonzon course which by the nature of water is down.

Healthy river – Rio Arlonzon

Along the way – Dave & Janet who we have walked and talked with on many occasions surprised by stopping by on hired bicycles – they are cycling from Burgos to Leon (180 km – about 9 Hrs cycling – vs 8 days of walking)

Dave, Janey & Jules
TARDAJOS- A big town name for a small town

The following are some of the sights of Tardajos…

The Church – unfortunately locked
On a simple house
Houses built into sides of mountains with grass roofs

Tomorrow we hope to make a 20 km day

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  1. Oh that is just wonderful. I zoom in on each pic to take in the detail. How are your collective feet holding up?

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