Tardajos to Hontanas – 17 Sep 2022

  • Barry 

An earlier start than planned was catalyses by some very uncaring snorers in our shared dormitory – they slept very well snoring the. At 5 am started the typical bag shuffle – oh well such is life – we were awake so we packed and started walking at 6.18am. Below is the route from the garmin forerunner- the colors are elevation …the green starting point is Tardajos

It was a lovely morning crisp and fresh – en route to the first village on the route and the first group of young teenage girls emerged walking towards us in the dark -? Then a group of young boys -Teenagers – then we heard the music – the time at this stage was about 6.45am on a Saturday morning – we were walking by torchlight to ensure we were following the markers on the Camino route.

Easy to see in day light – easy to miss in the dark
Sign at start of village of Rabe de las Calzadas

The music gradually got louder and we came across “Hostal la fuente de Rabe” it had lights in inside and the sign in the door said it opened at 7am – it was 6.53am when webtried the door and it opened – we were greeted in the most welcoming manner and enjoyed “dos cafe con leche para Julie y una Cola Cape y dos pastels” ( coffee, hot chocolate and croissants) – you can see Jules below – very happy as some days she has had to wait till 12 noon before anything like coffee passes her lips…

Jules at Hostel la fuente de Rabé

What a great Alberque, service and attitude – we have encountered a fair number of grumpy serving staff

We gave the owner/ manager person a Saffie beaded flag and he showed us his wall with momentos from pilgrims from all round the world

Saffie collection on the wall
Larger wall view of love momentos from around the world
World map of pilgrim places that have been this Alberque

We finished coffee break used “el baño “ then moved on – and came across the remains of the party that had started at 1am this morning and the music was still pumping …

Party still going at 7.30am – a proper all nighter

Just round the corner – to show that all things are in balance was a church with some excellent wall paintings

Leading thinkers and pilgrims -we are all on the journey

Other sights along the way…

1000s of wind turbines
Santiago in the church in Hornillos

We had managed to confirm via mobile phone on the road two beds in Alberque Jean de Yepes and it really is great – designed by a pilgrim who has done 3 Caminos

Wide spaces between beds, each bed with own plug & light, nice cotton sheets and pillow cases
We bought and lit candle for Lee and all our departed loved ones
in the church of Honantas – the thin red one on the right front
View of Hontanas from above the Albergue at dusk

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