Honantas to Boadilla – Sun 18 Sep 2022

A beautifully crisp morning was made better when we found Cafe el Pintido open just 2 mins down the road from our Alberque – so after a coffee and bite to eat we were ready for the road.

Walking through fields and following the river course was enjoyable.

Julie observing the fields

We arrived at the ruins of St Anton ( was a huge pilgrim support centre in its time ) it still operates as an Albergue on a much reduced scale . See pics below…

Jules in the ruins of a once grand st Anton

There are other stories & pics of St Anton, Castrojeriz , recording two songs for Meryl while walking, crossing into Palencia region, and arriving in Boadilla that will be inserted when a stronger signal can be obtained

Also knee injury and bag transport

Catching up …,

Crossing into Palencia Region..across the PUENTE FITERO (bridge) across the river – Rio Peseurga.

The following is an image of the regions of the CF (Camino Frances)

Regions of CF ( from Wise Pilgrim App)

Palencia sure is agricultural and as the image depicts has many sunflower ? and wheat fields fields. Some sunflower fields look sad as if there has not been enough rain

Sad sunflower fields

It was past 2pm when we got into the village of Itero de la Vega and we knew that we needed to eat as Boadilla was still 8km away up a long incline so at least 2 hours away. we saw some folk seated in a street with umbrellas but it was outside a supermercado (supermarket) that was closing – we were directed around the corner to an Alberque – we entered through their back gate into a tiny outside seating area next to washing lines, wash basins and had the most delightful “lentejas” – lentil stew – it was a donativo Alberque so we paid a bit more than the café but it was worth it – such nice loving people – Albergue de la Mochila ( reviews o. Google were not so great though)

On the wall in the garden at Alberque de la Mochila

The last 8km was a long and winding road – it was very hot ? and we’re tired at this stage – Jules kept our spirits up by enticing marching songs out of us – this worked well – Barry at this stage could react and sing but could not think or initiate songs – Barry’s knee was also taking strain

The long and winding road…
Some respite from the sun, heat and road
Yay – the Hostal el Camino
Jules & Colette

We even managed to get our own room in the roof of the hostel ( watch your head on the eaves) and at supper caught up with Colette from The Netherlands.

1 thought on “Honantas to Boadilla – Sun 18 Sep 2022”

  1. Hey guys
    Sorry to hear about the knee! What do think is the problem?
    I’m also (always) staggered about the distances you’re covering… 28kms is huuuuge! No?
    We go hiking here in Nepal or when we were beachcombing in Sri Lanka – (though the heat may be different) I don’t carry more than about 5kgs and after 10 to 15 kms max – I’m done!
    But your descriptions and the pics always remind.me that what you’re doing is so so special an adventure and pilgrimage! Will definitely be there someday…. For now we’re exploring the longer trekking routes here in Nepal…. Have to try a long one someday (3 weeks) and try to get to 5000 metres or little over…. Conventional wisdom suggests that we older toppies with shrinking brains are less prone to altitude sickness….Let’s see!
    Hope your knee is OK – keep us informed! I know not everyone agrees but I’m a believer in ibuprofen… And of course, rest when possible!
    We do think of you guys often…. Sending Nepalese greetings and healing light…. Namasté

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