Villalcazar de sirga to Calzadilla la Cuerza Tues 20 Sept 2022

  • Barry 

There were 8 of us in the dormitory – first person moving around at 5.30am was Martin from Quebec, Canada. Around 6.15 Xavier the hospitalero came in with Loreena McKennitt playing on his iPhone. Hauntingly beautiful Celtic based music – strange sounds to orient one’s day .. it worked well

Xavier’s phone

Soon everyone was up and we all shared bread, cheese and coffee as part of breakfast. We were told the night before that we had to be out the dorm by 7am. Others in the dorm /kitchen were Trisha from USA, Andrew from Ireland & David from Liverpool.

At 7am the cleaning lady started cleaning the firm even before everyone was out – there were no protests- everyone scurried around and we were out of her way in a flash – some of these small unassuming looking Spanish cleaning or serving staff have a powerful presence.

Looking back to the east and the transition from night to day is always so beautiful – the reminder of the life analogy to every now and then – pause, look around, look back, look up, celebrate your success and achievement no matter how big or small.

Looking back to the east

There is a peaceful magic that occurs when walking in the crisp morning air of the Spanish Merseta

On the outskirts of Carrion de Los Condes

Carrion de los Condes is an attractive town and has been pivotal in pilgrim support through many centuries, situated on the River Carrion. Jules is using this majestic bridge to cross Río Carrion – have to magnify the image to see her

The bridge & Jules

Below are some sights of Carrion de los condes

Soon we were out of town back in the fields –


we were warned this stretch is 17 km without food or water points.,,we were pleased to see the caravan and green delivery van

We arrived at our Alberque without much fuss ? Jules blisters are still there? Barry’s knee is coping ok – below us our first view of the village


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