Vilar de Mazarife to Villares De Órbigo – 28 Sept 2022

The night at Albergue de Jesus was a long one for Barry because of raking coughing fits that had to be avoided to ensure that Jules and the other couple that were on the opposite double bunk bed slept ok. And they did -Yay. Barry didn’t as sleeping upright to prevent coughing i not the easiest of tasks but would recommend the following rife treatment on you tube for bronchitis ..

This is a one hour treatment – just use headphones when in a room with others:

This is a 20 minute version :

Jules was really clever in communicating with different pharmacists in Spanglish and through masks – so we have ended up with oscillococinum, paracetamol flu mix (pharmagrip forte) and single dose cough syrup in sachets (propalnatur)

Treatment regime

The day was really cold with strong chilly north westerly winds and once again beautiful

Sunrise ….another?
Pilgrim silhouette … another?
Nice milestone

By the time we got to the village of Villavante we had covered 10km and it was time to stop and air the feet and get some refreshments, we had eaten before we left Villar de Mazari but no café con leche.

There was nothing open – with disappointment looming we carried on through town and saw a sign saying “hotel rural” 500m – there were no other signs but we saw a fellow pilgrim going off the track into what looked like a large house – so we followed – no one was about – we opened doors until from the far end he was shown in and so we followed suit

We were treated to a delightful breakfast – what a surprise – nice to meet Marie

Casa Rural Molina Galochas – after breakfast

Back on the road…

Bridge of hospital Orbigo with a compelling history

This link gives a link to the story linked to this bridge :

On the road again
Alberque villares de Orbigo – Delightful
Inside courtyard

Had supper as a group – nice to meet Parry(Aussie), Peter (Uk)

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  1. Hope you knock off the flu-like stuff Barry and you can sleep and walk unimpeded….. 300km to go – Wow – what a challenge and such determination – we’re with you on spirit! Keep on keeping on!

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