Camino Invierno – BORRENES – 3-10-22

The day started with dropping my bag at Cafe Rural opposite the municipal Alberque. There we had croissants and café con leche y te se negro

Early start again

It was great walking the Camino Invierno as there are only a few pilgrims – we saw 5 others in total today.

The first signpost

The scenery was great.

The road less travelled

The songs “road not taken “, “nature boy” and “the pasture” continued reverberating around in my head and were sung a few times

Road between the tree roots
10km rest and airing feet

The hotel was a bit more grand than what we have become used to – so cost a bit more but worth it

Shoes off for lunch

We spent a big part of the afternoon after lunch and washing selves and clothes planning accommodation- not so easy here as there is not much infrastructure on this route. It is great as it feels almost like pioneering even though there are many folk who know the route and have written guides

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