Sorbadelo to A Rua – 5 Oct 2022

  • Barry 

A good nights sleep at Casa Mar and breakfast at 7 at Bar Mar set us up for a good day. Big bonus was our clothes had all dried overnight Manuel has been great – Manuel Angel owns casa mar and bar mar and does the haversack (Mochila) transport on the Camino Invierno

Manuel Angel’s Car

We walked solidly for the first 7 km to the town of O Barco – where we enjoyed a cuppa and a napolitana each. Napolitana is a pastry with chocolate in the centre.

Street art in o Barco

We decided to walk along the river side instead of roadside of the route – what fun . This is the red route which goes through countryside rather than the green route that goes through the villages.

We came across a castle which straddles the road in the small village of Arnado. The link for more info is After Arnado we returned to the regular side of the river in order to rest our feet at Villamartin – by then we had completed 16km.

The River Sil holds a fascination for us both based on our expertise as canoeists

Río Sil
Río Sil

Our hotel in A RUA – O Pillaban – just off the Camino – nice owners – lovely premises

Even though we had eaten a late lunch – we also had some pizza for dinner and saved some for breakfast. Definitely best pizza on the camino from Orballo in A RUA

Best Carbonara pizza

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