London Heathrow to Gatwick

  • Barry 

London Heathrow terminal 3 was unchanged like it is standing still in time

The weather was gray and rainy the sky reminding me about grey water in shower buckets back home in Cape Town.

The coach ride from Heathrow had a few challenges one gentleman from Congo having a loud conversation in French, an Asian lady speaking In an Asian language and sobbing – very distraught. The bus driver was a learner driver so was being shown the ropes by a rather loud and grumpy senior man who knew the route well but was rapid stoccato in the instructions – he made me a touch frightened every now and then – I am sure the really nice younger driver is relieved when his coach is gone at the end of the day – we and the bus got to Gatwick unscathed

What movie to watch?

“The Work” scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes – very rare high score

After looking through the movie list and tv list and trying different music nothing was ok  – when food arrived I chose a factual tv show of men in prison going through a process with 3 men from the outside for 4 days

What an incredibly moving transformational process . It is called The Work and is based in Folsom maximum security prison with level 4 convicts- mostly gang and violent crimes. One of the sessions is started by reading David Whyte’s poem – “The Well of grief” – leading into the grief they feel that has driven them to difficult behaviors like murder and violence – a big part of the grief focused in betrayal between father and son especially the plight of fatherlessness – this is not unique – SA has the same challenge and the gangs provide a place of belonging. And yes .. I cried a lot in this very moving transformational documentary

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