The commute – part of the journey is getting there

Plane rides are things we are all so comfortable with – it is something we all do so easily – the following notes are observations about getting there…not a lot of profound happenings…

On the plane more reflecting time

Have started sharing the start of the journey with friends on a WhatsApp group – part of the journey is to embrace technology as provided by the iPhone and related apps – what a withdrawal process it was …locking my laptop away at 2.45pm on 26 April – just a phone in the pocket

Feeling humbled by the responses from the group

Not wanting to have too much attention along the way – and at the same time capturing the journey and sharing it for those who are somewhere else on their own journeys-  a lot of this journey is inside me some of it can’t be shared

The procedure on the plane making self comfortable then small talk with neighbors – Jason & Lara- from hampshire –  they are returning from Cape Town after having got married on top of table mountain and swimming with sharks in gansbaai

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