Day 1 Salamanca – Calzada de Vuldunciel

  • Barry 


Leaving Salamanca has a reputation of being not so easy as the Camino signs disappear in the middle of town – the rule is find plaza Mayor and head out north – the scallop shell marked the ground in a well worn brass sign in the road – I asked one person after three blocks and no sign of this was the road to Zamora – she did not understand English so in broken Spanish ? Calle de Zamora? With shrug of shoulders – she affirmed it was correct – it was difficult to wear glasses with the wind and rain

Signs and routes and plans with a clear objective in mind is so essential to getting anything done

without a clear idea of where we going we end up like Alice in wonderland where if you don’t know where you are going and you don’t know where you are,  then going in any direction is good enough.

The via del is plata app in the countryside works well

having bought the Spanish airtime is also really great so no need to use Vodacom airtime via South Africa.









Routing and signs

How the world guides us

Routing and signs

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