Day 4 Zamora to Montamarta The day of the boots

  • Barry 

The experienced pilgrims will tell you it takes about 5 days to get used to the incessant pounding of the feet with the haversack weight on your shoulders-  some said last night that after 10 days it still felt like they were needing to get used to something- this is not without its challenges

Albergue de Pregrino Zamora








Albergue de Pregrino Zamora

so the pic below is a farewell pic in the morning light leave Zamora Albergue de Peregrino

it was day that took me about an extra 2 hours of walking from Initialy estimated

the stories I will expand on when having a rest day will include :

– the morning decathlon experience

– the muchos mierda experience in Rosales de Pan – pig dog horse cow

– the storks of Spain ??

– the taxi decathlon experience


Help yourself prilgrim style

Different sock style

Same boot different lacing for wider foot






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