Day 6 Granja de Morereula to Tabara Heading West

  • Barry 

The route divides at Granja de Moreula – the choice is to stay on the Via Del Plata – head North and join Camino Frances or move onto Camino Sanabres – first town in Sanbria region is Tabara – I headed West toward Tabara

Now after the first day in my new size 43.5 Salomon boots (Normal size 41) bought from Decathlon yesterday. Caught a taxi back to Zamora – took 20 mins each way – a day that took 6 hours to walk

While walking I  witnessed a stork who had created a great symbiotic relationship with farmers who were ploughing their fields- there is a pic in the collection that shows this in action – as the soil was being turned the stork  would  walk or jump behind and pick out the surprised worms who were exposed.

It was with delight that I have witnessed storks every day so far and it was especially joyful walking into Tabara today there were two storks on the church tower and two kestrels above the Albergue.

Through the pain and suffering of the body in this Camino I feel truly blessed to be able to experience and witness how the Peregrinos care for each other yet maintain their space – a witness of kindness in action and always there is this question so where did you come from and where are going – the act of looking from  above always keeping an eye upon the vision

And so in life these lessons are important to follow as foundation stones.

certainly has provided much opportunity for thought & reflection.






























Stories and context to follow

the Connection has been slow and the time too short to do justice to these pics – the so stories and context will follow -some shorter days are due  luckily the pics help recall the journey

rhus pic was taken today coming in to Olleros de Tera

The Tera river is a big influence in the area


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