Day 7 Tabara to Santa Marta de Tera – Storks and Kestrels on the Camino

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These are two nesting storks in Tabara
read more about the significance of storks & kestrels below











Storks & Kestrels on the Camino

Hypothesis: everything is happening around us all the time but we only see what we are ready to see

Definition of hypothesis: A supposition or explanation (theory) that is provisionally accepted in order to interpret certain events or phenomena, and to provide guidance for further investigation.

So what is the hypothesis pointing to ?

This is the fourth time I have travelled in Spain and the first time I have seen so many storks and often storks and a small bird of prey – a kestrel in the same vicinity at the same end of a town, near a church

So what is the connection and why see these two birds now?

Kestrels – these are Eurasian kestrels

The following is an extract from

Kestrels gifts include accuracy of movement, speed and grace, mental concentration, acting at the correct moment, patience, precise action.

Kestrel are the smallest member of the falcon family, and like all birds of prey they are strongly connected to the accuracy of movement. Their most prominent feature are speed and grace in hunting. They perch high above their prey and when the time is right they swoop down, hover in the air and attack. Amongst most birds, hovering is uncommon – this represents the natural skill to use flight to the maximum advantage. In kestrel people this advantage shows through the strengthening of ones intuitive agility. Kestrel people frequently have the urge to sit or be placed in a position with expansive views. They have a strong desire to spend time alone, and need to feel a sense of independency to keep a relationship healthy. Suited well to any kind of work that entails planning, they also make great diplomats and strategists

Kestrel shows how to discover ones personal rhythm and act accordingly. As ones personal energy field is increased and broader vision is developed, one learns when to act and when not to.

The power of the kestrel is patience, concentration and precise action. Opportunities are recognised and acted upon at exactly the correct moment, we can learn from this. If kestrel flies into your life, it may be asking you to stimulate your mental powers and move speedily and smoothly into the future that you desire. Go with the flow, paying attention to the movement of every situation and be responsible for your actions.



The following is blend of references ( and own thoughts

The Stork is large bird of the heron family. The largest and most conspicuous of land birds. In the neighborhood of man it devours readily all kinds of offal and garbage. For this reason, it is placed in the list of unclean birds by the Mosaic law. The white stork attaches itself to man and for the service which it renders in the destruction of reptiles and the removal of offal has been repaid from the earliest times by protection and reverence, The Stork name is derived chasidah (from chesed , “kindness”) points to the paternal and filial attachment of the stork. It was believed that the young repaid the care of their parents by attaching themselves to them for life, and tending them in old age.

The name of stork means kindness gentleness or affection, and the stork very well deserves such a name. It is very kind indeed to its young ones, and takes pains to find some things for them that it does not itself eat


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