Day 19 Silleda to San Pedro de vilanova

  • Barry 


this caught my eye as I was looking for way markers, fiddling with haversack hip clips and trying to decide if I needed to stop and get that warm to out

it was at the foot of a shop window

so the thought stayed with me – for today


Last night had been tricky trying to sleep my left leg would not get comfortable and was uncomfortable all night – I was really regretting having pushed the extra km’s during the day and wondering if I would even be able to walk to Santiago- but I started walking – with almost every step I was conscious of the leg certainly for the first 9 km – breakfast stop in the hotel Victorino in Bandeira – there I ordered my standard “una tostada y tomate y aceite “ this after they did not have sardines or anchovies ( they turned up their noses at the thought of this for breakfast )


Dave (USA  now living In Denmark) and Claudio (Italian) also stopped in and we shared the table


I took out my reserve tin of sardines ( none wanted any) and consumed the lot – Claudio was eating cake and said in broken English that the sardines will give strength – Dave was skeptical – Claudio’s comment  was unexpected – he also sometimes eats them for breakfast – I also took the ibobrufen- antibiotic and probiotic with the sardines

skipping to the point – tonight as I lay in bed and blog my left leg is comfortable there is only a small shadow of pain this is unexpected

A gnarled oak tree




River Ulle

Surprise tunnel

Magnificent view – look carefully horse rider have to dismount on the steep downslopes

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