Day 23 – Muxia – Fisterra

  • Barry 

What are the chances of meeting a fellow SAFFIE?

At around 6.45 am as I am walking out of Muxia I hear a voice come my from behind with a familiar South African accent say “What are the chances” . P’trie has completed the Camino Portuguese from Porto and then caught the bus to Muxia and was walking from Muxia to Fisterra- he noticed my South African flag and logo on the back of my haversack

P’trie and I had the most wonderful day talking and reflecting on the lessons we had learnt while on the Camino – it was a complete delight to be able to speak complete sentences without sign language and also to use Afrikaans when we were talking in code

below is P’trie saying hello to a cute Shetland pony tethered to trim the grass on the sides of the pathway if you look carefully you can the SA flag on P’trie’s haversack

We will reconnect on our return to South Africa to reflect and catch up

P’trie greeting a friendly pony


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