Day 25 Santiago What are the chances of meeting in Santiago?

  • Barry 

What are the chances that I would meet Cathy Diaz in the Praza do Obradoiro (The square in front in the cathedral) at around 10pm on 22 May 2018.

Julie and I had met Cathy briefly in a shop near the Santiago Cathedral in 2017 and immediately exchanged contact details – we kept some contact. We were aware that we were both doing a Camino and that it was a similar time and different routes. 

So last night I made good on a promise to Julie and visited the ice cream shop BICO de Xeado and bought a chocolate con naranja 


i wandered into the park to work through the chocolate with orange ice cream and then heard the local Galician band strike up in the square and so decided to try wander closer by to listen and there met Cathy again – almost in the same place and almost precisely a year later

Also with Cathy were friends Monika and Charles – we sat and chatted for a while and were amazed at how many common lessons we had encountered each of us in a separate journey but each message profoundly simple and direct – like for me the lesson of balance, the lesson of learning to walk, the lesson of lightening the load and the lesson of intent.

Cathy & Barry synchronicity meeting

Piquena chocolate con naranja

Julie’s Ice cream shop – BICO de Xeado

View of Cathedral from Almeda Park

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