Some Lessons

  • Barry 

So some lessons and thoughts that are needing to be noted based on watching the traffic in this corner of Amsterdam, thinking back to the camino and the Enneagram conference follow…

Parallel universes or is it just one?
Pedestrians cars bicycles motor- bikes scooters trucks buses trams
All moving in clear directions  even though apparently random directions
Young & old, able & disabled
Lessons from camino  and enneagram conference ?
It is always more than it is on the surface?
The messages are there for us to see and understand literally, figuratively & metaphorically


What were the common messages and lessons learnt?

  • Speak your truth – whether positive or negative – do it with love
  • Set an intent – for the day, for the event, for the journey
  • Expect the unexpected – don’t be upset if unexpected occurrences appear
  • Take nothing for granted – be grateful and seek the truth in every opportunity
  • Express discomfort – this is part of the truth use the senses to describe the discomfort
  • Observe and define your senses – sight sound smell touch taste
  • Re-learn the basics – part of taking nothing for granted
  • Re-learn how to walk – every step is caressing Mother Gaia,  use steps that build strength
  • Re-learn how to talk – use the whole body – the resonance and depth of our bodies is reflected in our voices- finding our true voice is part of the journey
  • Re-learn how to breathe – the breath feeds every cell in the body and opens the spaces within us – these cavities open us to depth and resonance
  • Re- learn how to meditate anywhere – meditate with your eyes open, with a smile,while you walk, while you sit, in meetings, while waiting in a queue….anywhere
  • Re-learn how to rest – everything needs activity, movement and rest
  • Re-learn how to love – love of self is the start of love – the greatest thing we will ever learn is to love and be loved in return (final line from Nature Boy)
  • Re-learn how to see – see what is, see what is behind, see what is below and see what could be
  • Re-learn how to hear,hear the sounds all around,hear what is being said
  • Re-learn how to eat, slow down to eat, stop and eat
  • Re-learn how to teach, be open and enjoy whatever wants to arise, teach as a shared communication
  • Re-learn what to learn, be curious, have another look at all those things you have already learnt – these may be enough
  • Re-learn what to teach, ask what needs to be taught
  • Re-learn how to feel, observe the feelings start with the sense
  • Re-learn emotions – if emotions are energy in motion – what energy wants to move
  • Re-learn how to help – help if help is called for it is needed
  • Re-learn how to thank – thank immediately, thank with eyes and smile
  • Re-learn how to trust – of trust is broken share that break with the person breaking the trust trust is built first through self trust

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