Some Reflections

I am stopping for a moment to share and collect some thoughts

Was the camino and the Enneagram conference part of the same journey?

The theme of the conference was …

The wisdom of your true self

An extract from the website says: Finding your true self sounds like an adventurous scavenger hunt. However, one mustn’t search to find. Becoming who you are is a quiet, transformative process. It requires observation, allowing reality and forgiveness. It requires peeling away prickly layers that so lovingly protect and defend you.

The camino journey was unique – pilgrims walk the camino for many reasons – some for achievement to “tick off the bucket list”, some for religious reasons, others for spiritual reasons, some as part of a grieving process. For all the process has impact and some transformation occurs. John Brierley who has written a lot  about the camino had the following to say about the camino ….

The camino, as a Path of Awakening, calls us to Self-realisation, which requires self-transcendence. We have, collectively, been asleep a long time but it is now urgent we wake up. This requires slowing down so we can speed up the process. The camino is a crucible wherein these paradoxes can be experienced and understood, providing we are open to change and transformation.

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