Plans for Day 1 Heading North April 2021

  • Barry 

Thought it worth starting to share our journey away from home for this next year – starting 15 April 2021.

We didn’t choose this date but it just so happens that in 2000  we (Jules & Barry) got married on that day. We have started using the group name JuBa for the two of us as it has a certain ring – yes we do know Juba is also the name of  the Capital of South Sudan – which is Africa’s newest capital city and also not an easy place to live.

We have been preparing for a trip through Africa for a while – in fact from 2016 when we bought our Toyota Hilux 2.8GD6.

We now have a trello board  Consisting of 13 main headings and around 200 tasks about 50% of which are done but we only have 9 days left till we leave – many tasks are in progress which is good

So Our plan for Day 1 of the trip is as follows

Leave Fish Hoek, Cape Town at 5am on 15 April 2021 and head North – it will be along day of driving we will head north up the N7 which will take us up the Western Cape West Coast, past Moorreesburg (Remember Aunt Effee) past the beauty-filled Cedarberg mountains into the Namakwaland of the Western Cape and the Northern Cape. Finally into the Richtersveld where we will go through the SA border post of Vioolsdrift into Noordoewer in Namibia
“Vioosldrift” in Afrikaans means ‘the ford (shallow river crossing) of the violin’. It is reportedly named after Jan Viool (“John Violin”), who is said to have played the fiddle in these parts in the nineteenth century. Some say he was a Nama man, who used to guide ox-wagons across the ford. An accomplished player, he would fiddle away merrily on the river bank while waiting for wagons to arrive. These claims await elaboration.
Noordoewer is a settlement in the iKaras Region of southern Namibia. Its name means ‘North Bank’ in Afrikaans, in reference to the north bank of the Orange River, on which it is located.
We will spend the first night just outside of Noordower at Savanna Guest Farm
(Contact Details – mobile +264 811245269 – Lodge: +264 811280975)

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