Etosha Pan 21 & 22 April 2021

  • Barry 

We camped at the Onguma Leadwood campsite just outside the entrance to the the Namutoni Entrance (On east side) of Etosha ( – wonderful campsite, ok facilities, wifi and great swimming pool. The showers ran out of water at times as the pumps weren’t always working so a few plaintiff pleas were heard from the shower hen full of soap and needing water. The sunset from the road leading to Onguma was tranquil as the day started cooling down

The Etosha National Park is huge (250km across and nearly 23km2). Although the big game eluded us we had a lovely morning drive – we saw many giraffe

Some fine feathered friends – a pair of lilac breasted rollers showed off their flight prowess and sometimes just sat and looked at us – almost like they were contracted to entertain these humans

we expected to see more water in the pan

but it is still worth driving around and experiencing this space.

Facilities in Etosha need some upgrading – we did find a great stopping place for lunch – some heavy concreting work was done “back in the day” none is going to break or damage these concrete tables and benches

What is trip without some impala

or some zebra

and some red hartebeest- who decided their hind view was all we needed to see

We learned we need to be careful with transporting uncooked meat when exiting the park especially when heading east as the Namibia meat board are concerned about transporting meat from west to east.

From Etosha we headed north towards Ruacana





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