Kunene River to Epupa Falls 24 April 2021

  • Barry 

After our leisurely start to the day and Pilates class we headed out due East along the Kunene River, travelling through the small Himba villages we got used to the young Himba’s with their rather odd begging wave which as one passes by without giving anything becomes and in some cases becomes an aggressive “go way” gesture.

Just after leaving Kunene River lodge we turned sharp right and took a road less travelled up to an OP (Observation Post) that was occupied by SA troops in the bush wars https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Border_War

It was interesting to see the old tin cans, odd .762 spent rifle cartridges and names carved in the rocks.

Another Interesting stop along the way is the memorial to the Dorsland trekkers – below is Julie at the memorial the camera is looking south westerly at the Zebra Mountains in the distance

From here we moved along the Kunene river with a crossing at Swaartbooisdrift.

this is Jules driving over the drift being guided by Adrian

and the the rolling hills drive alongside the Kunene river to Epupa falls campsite https://store.gondwana-collection.com/accommodation/omarunga-epupa-falls-campsite

what a truly beautiful place this is – we arrived just in time to set up camp and see a wonderful sunset

this is the view from our campsite – of the falls looking North West

Axel & Regina enjoyed the peace of a fire before sunset

and we then rotated away from the sun

the night was very hot – which motiavted us to try out oour USB powered fan – what a treat this was – here is a view of the the fan , the river and Barry drinking his Malaria concoction – not the best thing to drink so early in the morning but anything to avoid the effects of malaria…





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