Hoada Camp & Farewell 2 May 2021

  • Barry 

The Hoada campsite https://hoadacampsite.com/   is well sign posted, secure and set off from the road amongst the boulders

even has a small plunge pool above the reception amongst the boulders which is a good site to do sundowners looking over damaraland

Our campsite ablution areas were cunningly set amongst the boulders – very quaint

even the hot-water donkey hidden amongst the boulders – if you look carefully

this is a sunset view from above the campsite

this was our last night together as we started heading north from Otjiwarango

this is a picture of the group taken the night before at Hoanib valley lodge

from Left : Barry, Julie, Sam, Rentia, Adrian, Liz, Andre, Regina, Axel

That night we had some amazing rain and the C40 road between Hoada camp and Kamanjab had some amazing deep puddles – some great displays of flying mud – will try locate on the garmin dashcam and post at some later stage

what a wonderful trip, incredible terrains, stark beauty, lots of fun driving and lost of laughs with great friends.

From Otjiwarongo we said farewell and we were on our own





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