Otjiwarongo Heading North To Caprivi 2 May 2021

  • Barry 

Our first night after leaving the group was spent at Roys Rest camp which is just over 50km north east of Grootfontein

Very interesting signage greets you as you leave the tarmac


Even a tree decoration

Roy’s Rest Camp, started in 1995 as part of the cattle farm (Elandsgate).

Elandsgate is one of the oldest farms in the Grootfontein district and has been since 1930 when it belonged to the Alberts family and originated from the Dorslandtrek.

The Dorsland trek laid the foundation and played an important role in the further developments of this historical town. On our trip in Namibia we visited the Dorsland trekker memorial – just after Epupa falls.

The last time i was in Grootfontein was when i flew in as part of the SANDF (SA National Defence Force) – we were in this area for 4 months and helped protect a voting post in the area in November 1989.

We sat at the restaurant before supper and saw a cute little nagapie then a great meal – lovely home style buffet meal – even catered for the gluten free thing

Only challenge was cold water shower in the mens – the donkey was needing help – but in the morning i was sneaked into the ladies (how bad) – luckily no one up – as we were early

Then we moved on the Riverdance Campsite




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