Mazabuko – The Moorings Campsite – 7 May 2021

  • Barry 

After getting a top-up of LP Gas from Ankufa Supplies (Worth noting for future) in Livingstone we started moving along the T1 highway heading north

Our intention was to stay at a campsite near Choma which is 200km north about 3 hours drive –

We inspected one site but a combination of factors – like we had time, there was a conference/party in the one site we decided against Choma and moved on along the T1

We had also received advice that the better road to Siavonga would be along the “bottom road” i.e. south from Choma along the D375 & D500 which is shorter then on inquiry at Choma we were told the road near the D500 had been damaged by rain


After the town of Monze and before  Mazabuka we decided to try the campsite on the Moorings Farm,

What a treat it was flat

with shade, hot showers, pleasant staff


We also met other campers (Colin a Scot living/working in Monze and Danny & Sara missionaries from USA working with orphans in Lusaka)

The Moorings farm has been in continuous operation since 1920. A short drive from the tar road, down 2 km on a well-maintained dirt road, brings you to the lovely site where you can park your vehicle, pitch your tent, have a cool drink and a hot shower.




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