Lone men 28 April 2021

These stone men – or rather, sculptures – are scattered all over the country, and known as The Lone Men of Kaokoland.

Each figure has an aluminium disc attached to it, with a number and a message as to where it is going.

They have been spotted in Puros in the South, Van Zyl’s Pass in the East, Otjinungua in the North and even in the Skeleton Coast National Park in the West. And for many travellers it has become a treasure hunt to find these Lone Men of Namibia; in fact, you know about it, it has become one of the highlights of things to do in Kaokoland.

Each life-size sculpture is made from rock prevailing in the area, and depicts a different personality. Number 27 has been found but not all of the ones in between!

The artist making these is suspected to be Trevor Knott who built Home on the hill http://houseonthehillnam.com/House_on_the_Hill/Home.html

see one of the cottages below – really beautiful cottages – wonderful artistry and construction using welded reinforcing steel and stone – same material as is used in the lone men and in Etambura

this one was found on the way to the Himba sphinx and Puros river

An then there is always some joke who is trying to outdoo te purse artistry and quiet isolated contemplation of the lone men – who didnt really mind some company – well they didnt say anything


2 thoughts on “Lone men 28 April 2021”

  1. This is beautiful and unique to the Kaoko Region & Ovahimba -people, thanks to Trevor Knott (if it IS him). All we can ask is that people who are lucky enough to enjoy the expierence of finding one or more of these sculptures, except for taking photos and sharing their fond memories, do NOT pinpoint exact locations by means of GPS coördinates and distribute those all over.

    1. Agree Riaan – part of the fun is to drive the roads and the area and try to find them as they are not always obvious

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