Chirundu & Lower Zambezi 15 May 2021

  • Barry 

Our Saturday was spent driving to Chirundu for  shopping and then a touch of exploring down the Zambezi (The featured pic is Jules at Nsofu Lodge)

The Shoprite in Chirundu was a delight to experience SA brands and to shop.

The road to Chirundu has many trucks queuing to take on the border post into Zimbabwe-some of them in Truck Parks

Some of them parked on the road and inching forward slowly

Also did some hardware purchases – not quite a Builders Warehouse

The following are some of the shopping opportunities – which are typical in a Zambian town


Open Market Place


In our exploring toward the lower Zambezi – if you look on Google Maps – it warns you that you need to catch a Ferry across the Kafue River – see map below

Well we didn’t need to catch a ferry as there is a rather grand tar road for about 500 meters on either side of the river and bridge – the rest of the road looks like this …


Nsofu Lodge ( is situated at the confluence of the Kafue and Zambezi Rivers – both rivers were flowing strongly


This a is a carving at Nsofu

We had lunch and drove back to Siavonga via Chirundu

past the waiting trucks again (felt sorry for the drivers)

that night we found we had neighbours in the campsite – they were folk in the tourism industry and were participating in a promotion of the siavioga area – trying the inject some energy into rejuvenating the local  travel industry – COVID has impacted the travel industry everywhere.

This is a pic of part of the tent village that sprung up

They partied until about 2 am – felt like the music was in our rooftop tent – but it was pleasant enough music and happy vibes





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