Eagles Rest week 2 & Song Recording 22 May 2021

  • Barry 

Another week passed at Siavonga Eagles rest doing pretty much the same range of work with focus on reupholstering some chairs with a fairly uncooperative staple gun.

The highlight of the week is related to ChaliP the security guard at Eagles Rest who is a is musician (plays a recorder and loves to write & sing) – he overheard Barry doing some guitar playing with Sophie (on Ukelele) and he asked Sophie to record a song and then a week later asked Barry.

ChaliP gave Barry the chorus line and some music which he had downloaded with a reggae beat and said – make up some words and then sing on Saturday morning (simple instructions – but required some effort) .
We went to a little recording studio high up on a hill in Siavonga town. There we met Gabriel the sound engineer who directed proceedings.

This is a pic of Gabriel, ChaliP and BarryC in the township

This is Gabriel behind the recording desk

and Barry doing last minute edits to the soundtrack

Gabriel and ChaliP are naturals – very quickly able to identify where to create the ChaliP magical “cut in phrases”

This is another pic in the township

This is the song

The song carries a message about Jealousy… which is apparently a big social issue in Zambia. The recording itself took about 1h45 and the edited song was completed the next day! The asking cost for recording time was 45 Kwacha!

Barry decided to do some research on Jealousy songs as it is not big on his area of focus. One of the top song about Jealousy (although not often recognised as such by many ) is “Every Breathe you take” written by  Sting and performed by Police in 1983. This is the Police’s and Sting’s signature song, and in 2010 was estimated to generate between a quarter and a third of Sting’s music publishing income. In May 2019, it was recognised by BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) as being the most played song in radio history-with nearly 15 million radio plays.

So with recognition to Sting and adaption of the words but staying with the theme of Jealousy – the following are the words of the song as recorded:

Jealousy People Never Succeed – ChaliP and BarryC
22 May 2021

Chorus : Jealousy People Never Succeed (*3)
Lets stop oh we are one

1. I watched you night and day
I watched you when you play
I watched the words you say
I need to change my ways

2. I made you turn away
Now I miss you every day
At night I pray & pray
I’ll see you on the way

3. You are strong & beautiful
I am weak but dutiful
I’ll work to earn your love
Please give me a chance

Chorus *2

4. Now we are so happy
We’re together respectfully
I am free of jealousy
You’re happy with me

Ok hola hola hola listen
Every time when you are busy talk about your friend
Why this? why that?
Maybe he’s a witch
Did you ever see him with a ghost
Jealousy we know Even in a dream
Oh my friend just keep silent like a caterpillar
And mind your business
Then just hussle cause you’ve got the place – you only have to hussle
Lets just work together we are one
If you work together
Just keep love & peace
Just keep love & peace
If you are jealous you will never succeed
Then you got where you are placed

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