Which Road? Old or New Great North Road – 3 June 2021

  • Barry 

Having shared a great breakfast with Lester and said our goodbyes and armed with lots of very useful advice about the options on the way north, we set out.

We elected to get to Mpika and then make the final decisions t whether we take the Old Great North Road or the New Great North Road.

As is visible in the map below there are many slow sections on the way to Mpika – we took 6 hours to get to Mpika.

We stayed in Mpika  at Bayama’s Lodge – found it in the Tracks4Africa book on Zambia.

The campground showers & toilets were not functioning so they gave us the use a cottage – unfortunately the showers were ice cold – we camped opposite this cottage

So it was an early start and we decided to take the Old Great North Road and stay on Lake Tanganyika because we still had some days on our tourist visa




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