Tanzania – here we come – 5 June 2021

  • Barry 

We left Isanga Bay early and refueled in Mpila – managed to find LSD (Low Sulphur Diesel) and a able to use Credit Card.

This was the plan for the Day drive the 200km to the border and go as far as possible into Tanzania then find somewhere to sleep- the plan was to make for the Utengule Coffee estate

more about this later …much later in the day than what we estimated

the road from Mpila to the T2 (the new Great North Road is very good – then we reached the great north road – my of my it must have great at one stage – now it was just the same as the road between Kazangula and Sesheke in the south.

We got through the Nakonde Border Post (Zambia side) in about 20 minutes – the Carnet de passage being a great help – We refused and agents assistance and it was going well till we got to Tunduma (100m down the road) The border post on Tanzania side.

This took us 3.5 hours to get through between COVID test ($25 each ), car sanitation, all the car and other permits, computer  crashes, cashing money – so we eventually had the services of an agent (Israel) and a money changer. They were great help and if anyone needs help at this border post i would engage the services of Israel (+255 755832539) . Israel even helped us get a Tanzanian data card and helped us set it up on the phone in the middle of the busiest market we had seen in ages.

We then set out on he road towards Utengule …and thats the next stage – with strains of redemption song coming through










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