Serengeti Day 3 – 15 June 2021

  • Barry 

We started early again today and decided to explore the far northern area of Lobo – near to the Kenya border

Northern Region Lobo Loops

We drove up to Lobo area and past the Lodge which looked as if it had been mothballed and then onto the public camp – The new toilet block next to the old block was clean. we drove on to the picnic spot – this is the watering hole just below the picnic spot – It was midday at this stage so we decided to push on and we didn’t stick around long enough to see any game

We then tried to complete the loop back to the main gravel road. and once again ran out of road even through it was on the Tracks4Africa map.

This time there was no sign of track so all we did was follow T4A

along the way we saw elephant


Thomsons Gazelle – from certain angles when looking directly at these gazelles it looks like they have lost part of their face

After a nerve racking 30 mins drive including reversing out of swamp area we made it to what looked like a river bank – on clodser inspection it was the road we were so keenly hoping to intersect “at any minute”. Echoes of conversation were – which way around this tree coming up ? …MMM left ….and the elephants ? …”stick to the right”

On the way back we popped in at Thorn Tree Tented camp – a private campsite – it looked well organised with tetse flag traps up arond camp and camp attendants preparing for clients who were returning from a game drive

We also looked in on some other public campsites to assess what these looked like – all followed a similar structure and had different outlooks

this was the dik dik public campsite


a bit smaller than Ngiri and also reasonably well maintained

The sunset back at Ngiri Camp was once again stunning

To our horror the tailgate of our vehicle refused to open so we had no access to our fridge food or water tanks

So we went and ate at the Seronera info centre cafe – the food was good

we even had a little visitor while eating



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