Ngorongoro Crater 17 June 2021

  • Barry 

We briefly chatted to a great German couple at Naabi Hill gate who had visited the crater previously -they were just going to camp on the rim of the crater. After some debate and discussion with a ranger we decided we would go into the rim that afternoon in spite of the costs. After leaving Naabi hill gate in The Serengeti we were then in the Ngorongoro crater reserve area. The road travelled through dry masaai cattle herding countryside

which changed as we started heading up the crater rim.

The roads are gravel and busses are probably the major hazard on the road -the cattle and goats can also sometimes be a little surprise to avoid

We’d had conflicting feedback from people regarding the value for money of the experience of actually entering the crater versus just looking from the rim – so for a while it was not on our radar! We are so glad we changed our minds.

Yes, it is very expensive! But it is a unique experience to descend into and circumnavigate around the crater! The animal encounters, the topography and the atmosphere were unique and the experience for us was worth every cent.

this is one view into the crater

Some of the animal encounters included:

Many zebras blocking the road

The elegant crested cranes

Some spotted hyenas who were laughing and mating or attempting to mate

And some dugga boys – African buffalo – In Swahili “Mbogo” – if it is one on its own or “Nyati” if many Buffalo


The roads into the crater are controlled – meaning sign in and sign out – we were directed to go down an ascent or exit road as the normal entry/ descent road was under going maintenance. These are narrow very steep roads designed for one vehicle – so descending while other vehicles were ascending was very tight

We camped the night in Simba A public campsite that night, right on the crater rim. We made a hasty retreat to our rooftop tent as it got dark as 2 hefty buffalo, one huge bull elephant and a feisty jackal appeared mere metres away from our car!

This is a day time view of the the campsite

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