On our way to Lushoto – 24 June 2021

  • Barry 

We left Arusha and starting heading north to the border – our first task for the day to extend the car permit to match our visitors visa of 3 months – so we headed to the border post with Kenya called Holili

On the way we stopped in Moshi and visited the Sikh hockey club restaurant which had received great reviews (on the iOverlander App) for good curries and Indian food

The food and service were so good we ordered some take away meals for the next few days

We got to Holili and started the process of extending the car “visa”- after 3 hours ( yes 3 hours) we extended the car permit an extra 2 months – computers went off line and strange bureaucratic processes kicked in – don’t expect anything to happen in under 3 hours at a Tanzanian border post

Yes the computers genuinely seemed to go down as there were a number of people waiting

I got the first printout and was instructed to pay the $40(US) at the bank – so I went and started the paying process – the transaction had not quite completed and I was enveloped by three local ladies who tried to shoulder me out of the way – it was quite interesting – Jules managed to get this shot of the interaction – they were clearly frustrated – I had to elbow my back into the teller window

The bank clerk spoke politely to these ladies who then stepped back. All we needed was the correct receipt and some change – which then happened and we then could go back to the customs guys for the stamp and date extension. So we got the extension.

We then moved on toward Lushoto – what fascinating sights there were along the way

As usual there are always interesting interactions on the tarmac – like this overloaded taxi

This area also had some fascinating architecture

Also some humble and beautiful settings

There is a lot of Sisal being grown along this section

By now we were running out of daylight and needed to find a place to stay – so we consulted our I Overlander App and thought we would try Mwanga campsite and lodge in Mwanga – this is an iOverlander image of the map with just the formal campsite filter on

The campsite was secure behind locked gate and under cover – almost like a warehouse plus we had electricity for the vehicle toilets were not great and no showers available – but we felt secure and were the only clients – COVID has been hard for many folk connected to travel accommodation of all sorts – this was our campsite in Mwanga


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