Back in Arusha 30 June – 24 July 2021

  • Barry 

Jules flew back to Cape Town to spend time with her mom and I stayed just outside Arusha National Park at Twiga lodge run by Paul & Erica Sweet of Shaw safaris.

During this time Barry kept himself busy with a number tasks- which included updating the blog and also made and installed special hooks for the gents & ladies ablution rooms. These hooks were whittled from guava tree branches.


Some of the finished door hooks

A really nice surprise occurred when Paul introduced two new campers who had just arrived. It was Peter & Caroline who we had met in November 2018 at Kasanke National Park, Zambia whilst watching the giant fruit bat migration. Below is Paul, Caroline, Pete and Barry

Pete and Caroline have been traveling in Africa in their Landrover Discovery called Shelley the Shed – they are masters of wild camping, and some wild repairs on Shelley – when not traveling in Africa their time is spent in Uk or South Africa – their blog url is

A rare view of Mount Meru from Shaw Safaris
Twiga Lodge

On the odd occasion when the clouds covering Mount Meru lifted one is treated to the most magnificent sight. During an afternoon cup of tea with Paul the conversation about climbing Mount Meru came up – Paul has climbed it twice and Erica has climbed it once …. After a WhatsApp chat with Jules in Cape Town a decision was made that we will attempt the climb…more about this later

Jules returned from Cape Town on Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa then Zanzibar then Kilimanjaro international airport.

At Addis airport – much to Jules’s delight – Gillian travelled 2 hours across Addis to visit Jules. Gillian is a Canadian volunteer who was working in Malawi in 2017 when we met at Kasanka NP in November 2017. She was traveling with Pete and Caroline in Shelley the shed. Gillian also visited us in Cape Town in 2018.

Gillian & Jules at Addis airport

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