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This post covers our movements in the Uk in 2022.

In August last year, Barry’s son Lee passed away – his heart stopped on 30 August – he had long COVID complications. We were in Zambia at the time and abandoned our travels to spend 6 months in Jozi helping sort out various issues  in difficult circumstances.

In March 2022 we set off again and made our way back to Cape Town, thinking about what to do next. We decided on a gap year in the UK. We arrived here at the end of April.

Jules – in her “Summertime in Uk” walk mode

We’ve joined Trusted Housesitters, a worldwide subscription website that matches travelers needing free accomodation, with pet owners needing free pet/house sitters.

We also bought an 18 year old Honda Jazz which goes like a bomb and is perfect for our needs!

We’re now on our fourth pet sit – we choose country places usually with a 2 week stay. We’ve looked after dogs, cats and a horse so far! We are loving the freedom and simplicity of our adventures.

We’ve also been walking everywhere and are tickled by the UK system of public footpaths/rights of way. These allow you to traverse the countryside through farmers fields and woodland etc! A real treat!

We even found an “Aston Lane” – Julie’s maiden name is Aston

We’ve also been lucky to have visited Oxford, Cambridge, Sutton Hoo, Windsor, and Bletchley Park.

Replica of the mask found in the burial chamber at Sutton Hoo


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