León to Villar de Mazarife – Tues 28 Sep 2022

Today was really a Cool day for walking temperatures started off around 6 Dec C it slowly peaked to 11 C around 8.

Really nice to the church of la Virgen de la camino was open. The Virgen stands on the front of the church with another 12 figures and looks down westward along the long road where the pilgrims walk away from the town into the distance.

Modern facade above the main entrance to the church

The symbols on the doors are modern and intriguing. For instance this side door has Leon/ an outline of Leon cathedral. It also has S. Atilano and many other words etched into the steel doors – worth finding out more

We decided to take the longer scenic route Our longer scenic route was much nicer than walking next to the highway. The blue dot is our overnight location – Villar de Mazarife

Work on the knee by Physio was helpful – chest still a bit tight. But managed the 22km of walking fine today.

The Albergue de Jesus is pleasant with comfortable beds – two double bunks in tiny rooms – with fresh cotton sheets and pillow cases below are some pics taken in the Alberque …

Below are images taken by Jules in the village

A horse tap
A Resting Peregrino
Street – deserted by locals – only peregrinos

Bottom line rule – in the small villages – siesta happens from about 3 to 5 – all shops are closed – kitchens in cafes close – so if you don’t get food before 2.30 then you will have wait till after 7 pm.

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